‘Thank you for guiding Livvy on this very important journey! I am very proud of Livvy and grateful for her progress. I am seeing new levels of strength, resilience, humor, and, most importantly, happiness! She is blossoming so beautifully!’
D & O
Lake Forest, IL
‘T-Ann has the ability to laser in and pick up key issues with parenting. She offers me the opportunity to focus in on things with a different, more productive perspective than I could without her input. Coaching with T-Ann has changed the way I think about parenting. It has changed the way I communicate with my daughter. It has given me a better understanding of myself, my boundaries, and even my own compassion. Best of all, T-Ann has helped me support my daughter as she navigates all the drama that comes with growing up.
- T
Chicago, IL
"My daughter and I both 1:1 coach with T-Ann. When I asked my daughter to use one word to describe her time with T-Ann she said, ‘safe’. T-Ann gives my daughter a safe space for her to think for herself. They talk about school, friendships, what makes Silvie feel badly about herself, better choices and, best of all: soulshine. Silvie, the girl who is impulsive and has FOMO big time, will drop everything to talk with T-Ann. Silvie’s whining has stopped now that she can better articulate her feelings. She is light and airy and is finally available (most of the time!) to work with me, not just against me. I work with T-Ann so I can identify my own hang-ups and not pass my stuff down to Silvie. Turns out, the tips and tools I have learned about parenting are completely transferable to how I engage with everyone, including my husband and co-workers! Working with T-Ann has dropped the drama in our house and at work. It is freeing! Parenting, marriage, and working full-time is never going to be easy, but all that negative energy in the house is gone. I think everyone should work with T-Ann. I cannot shout how much I love this program from enough rooftops!"
- E
Denver, CO